So I have been blogging on BondiGeek for nearly a full year now and what a great year it has been.

This blog started out as something a little different than what it has now become and continues to evolve. I have had positive feedback so far in year 1 and some nice comments from people. People that visited the blog and found answers to problems they have come across in their own development careers. It makes me very happy to know that I have helped a few people out and I shall continue to share my thoughts and findings through out 2011.

I just wish I had more time to blog but I have to work as well so I can only do as much as I can.

So what do I get out of this blog?

I find writing in the blog is a good development journal and I find myself coming back to my posts from time to time, when I start a new project for example. I also use the blog as way of linking off to resources that I find useful for development. Wow, I finally have a real live diary that not only serves as a crucial resource for my career but also gives back to the community. it’s a nice feeling.

So what have the highlights of 2010 been for BondiGeek.

I have had a chance to work on some great projects and utilise a lot of the new technology I have been learning.

WCF Data Services, EntityFramework and OData have to be among the favourite technologies I have utilised in 2010. The OData protocol is extremely flexible and very friendly when it comes to client side development using javascript, jQuery and jQuery Templates.

Check out some of my posts on OData here and WCF Data Services here

jQuery and jQuery Templates have played a huge role in my development efforts in 2010 and I can only see myself getting even more embedded in these technologies in 2011.

Check out some of my posts on jQuery here including client projects that have used jQuery and jQuery Templates.

Windows Phone 7 has also been way up there on my list in 2010 and I am really impressed with what Microsoft have delivered with Windows Phone 7. I finally have an idea for an application ready and hope to have this delivered in time to enter in to the competition to win a trip to Mix11 this year.

Check out some of my posts on Windows Phone 7 here.

Mix11 – Speaking of Mix11 I have also submitted my idea for a presentation to the OpenCall for Content. The subject of my presentation is inspired by my blog post WCF Data Services, OData & jQuery. If you are an developer you should be embracing these technologies which is something I feel very passionate about so I will be campaigning for votes early in 2011 Smile I would love the opportunity to share my experiences with the folks at Mix11 and also to attend the event for the first time. As an added bonus it would put me within reach of my mother as well for a family visit in 2011.

Windows Azure is going to play a big role for me in 2011 as well and I had the good fortune of attending a 1 day presentation and a 3 day training course hosted by Microsoft in 2010. Really exciting stuff and essential tools and technologies to learn for the future.

New Projects for 2011 appeared for BondiGeek right at the end of 2010 and I am currently working on a promotion for Samsung for the Australian Open Tennis in January and also a new Australian Music website due for delivery in April of 2011. Can’t say anymore on the music website yet as it is confidential but it’s an awesome project with really nice people. The design is clean and simple, the producer has done an amazing job of planning out the work and scoping it and I really look forward to delivering them a top notch product.

More learning is on the cards this year in design and CSS for BondiGeek

That’s about all for this post, my final post of 2010.

Happy New Year to everyone