As we come to end of a year that’s been a shocker as far as celebrity deaths go I thought I would put together a list of less important, but really annoying techy things and general observations that 2016 has deemed necessary to bestow on us all. Some of these are not new but they seem to have reached new levels of annoyance in 2016.

Before I get stuck in however I want to start with the positives that 2016 have brought me personally.

  • Quitting Facebook and Free to air TV - hands down the best thing I could have done this year. My life feel so much fuller without them both and far less stressful.

  • Headspace - I don't want to call it meditation for the masses but I guess it is. 2016 has brought me the joy of meditation and it is gradually changing my outlook on life, relationships, happiness, self-esteem, family, love and a whole lot more for the better. It has/is changing my life and making me a far better person. Check it out at

There are way more positives but the above two have played such a significant role for me personally I want to limit it to those two.

Disclaimer: This is not a rage against society, merely observations, so take it all with a pinch of salt and try and see the humorous side

Farewell 2016, you have been a hard year full of hard lessons.

Hello 2017, you are going to be a fantastic year full of happiness and growth.

And now here's my 2016 RantWrapUp

  • Emails from companies containing links that don’t work – I am going to call out Microsoft on this one as they are my biggest culprit. Every month I get an email from Microsoft with my Azure bill that contains a handy link to a PDF file…and it NEVER works. That's just one example of many.

  • Click-bait Journalism – Seriously it’s getting ridiculous…but only if you read tripe like Phrases like “you won’t believe what happened next” have become synonymous with bullshit journalism. The boy really cried wolf this year. Awoooooooooo!

  • President Trump - He is the ultimate when it comes to the one skill required of many politicians. Lies, Lies and more Lies! Trump takes it to a whole new level however delivering them with such sincerity. You aren't fooling anyone Trump, least of all the NYTimes. That article is a must read and so well written

  • Free to air TV - Not that I watch it anymore but on the odd occasion I am exposed to it all I see is one big fat shitty infomercial. The shows are rubbish, the advertising is's just dire. Long Live Netflix!

  • Narcissism - Please make the likes of the Kardashians go away. Even better, introduce them to Headspace in the hopes that they will learn there is more to life than striking a pose and sharing it on Instagram. The worst part about this epidemic is that the youth of today, heck even older generations, have bought in to it. It's kinda sick.

  • Shoddy Journalism - It's unbelievable that people that call themselves journalists do not know how to use a spell or grammar checker. There is not a day goes by that I don't read an article online with the most basic of spelling or grammatical errors. Come on people lift your game in 2017 if you want to be taken seriously. (if you find spelling or grammatical errors in this article I apologise but hey, I am a programmer not a journalist, I don't get paid to write English for a living. I do try and respect it though.)

  • Unsubscribe Links - Do you get loads of email that you just don't want anymore? Do you find the unsubscribe link buried in micro-type in the footer? Do you click that link and follow the unsubscribe process? You know, the one that usually includes "We are so sorry to see you go" text. Do you still get email months later from these people? Me too! Apparently it's not legal but companies like Woolworth's still do it. This is your last chance Woolworth's, I am clicking that link that is hidden in the footer of your email for the last time. It's not even shown as a link. If I still get emails then I will come back to this post and remind myself to make a complaint. Shame on you!