Here we go again, another one of my blog posts that has come out of reading others. This one started as a comment on a ZDNet blog post but the more I wrote the more it grew and took a life of its own.

A few weeks back Sam Diaz posted an entry on his Blog entitled “How I got suckered into ‘Going Bing’ for a week” and I commented at the time that I thought he was in for quite a pleasant experience. I was happy to see in his follow up article that he was indeed pleasantly surprised.

Read on for more…

As Sam Diaz noted himself, there really isn’t much in it anymore between Google and Bing and whichever you choose is pretty much a matter of personal choice.

Now that Microsoft have got it right with Bing then all they really need to do is add compelling new features to make the difference and that looks like just what they are beginning to do. A little while back I posted about the Bing Social features ( and Social Search. This week we saw Microsoft launch Bing Entertainment ( All of the pieces seem to be coming together and the whole experience is going to (in my opinion) snowball for Microsoft.

One point that Sam notes in his article is that for some Searches Google is better than Bing and that certainly used to be the case for me but of late I would not say that is the case. One thing a colleague mentioned the other day was using search engines to track down source code or technical articles. Now a while back I would have agreed but I am now finding I get back pretty much the same results no matter what, with both Search Engines having some subtle differences. Sometimes Google is slightly better and some times Bing is better. Swings and Roundabouts.

One of the key things I see influencing the uptake of Bing and all its features will be the release of Windows Phone 7 which will tie the whole lot together. This will bring together both social networking and media on a nice little package. Sure, it might be similar in appearance to other companies out there in the market but it has the added advantage of being tied in to Microsoft’ arsenal of BackOffice products and their formidable suite of developer tools. Silverlight ‘will’ shine!

And when I say ‘similar in appearance’ I am not talking about the phone UI itself. Windows Phone 7 is different to everything else out there and from everything I have observered take the constrained feeling of current phones out of the experience. I am talking about every phone OS out there on the market; Android, iPhone…all of them

And this brings me on to an article I read yesterday on the Huffington Post that pretty much slammed Microsoft and reckons they are destined for extinction or to go the way of IBM. I think what the author failed to note however is how good at re-inventing themselves Microsoft are.

Microsoft are really good at one thing and that is knowing when to start from scratch and re-invent the wheel, something I think a lot of companies should seriously consider. The gain you can get from re-working outdated code can, in the long run, well outweigh the expense of maintaining old systems. You just need people at the top of the food chain that can understand technology and not think of developers as plumbers. They are not! They are creative people and should be treated as such.

Anyway, I digress. What I was trying to say about the Huffington Post article was that the author failed to note that Microsoft have been taking a back seat for the last few years and preparing the next wave of products that, in my humble opinion, will compete on a even footing with the current flavours of the month if not exceed them.

It’s going to be a fun few years.