Social Search, hmmm an interesting idea? Ummm yeh, what is it? Bing

It’s exactly what it says, it’s search that searches social networks, in this case FaceBook and Twitter. Enter Bing/social with the first dedicated social search.

When I first tried this idea I didn’t get it. But then I thought about it a bit and decided that there actually is value in social search.

First let’s tick off what Bing Social will give you:

  • Updates and links from Fan Pages
  • Aggregate shared link data from non-fan pages

Don’t worry it won’t be exposing any of your private stuff, only content that is explicitly shared by you. If you want more detail on the above two items then follow the link below

Bing Social Search Details

Still don’t get what this will offer you? Well for me it gives me links to topics that I am interested in that other good people have passed on. This is different than reading articles from your local online paper that may well be pushed by the publishers as it might be in their interest. Let’s face it, cross promotion is big business and we know full well that publishers (Murdoch, Packer etc) will push stuff on the public that will help their own bottom line.

Want to find out what the world is talking about with regards to World Cup 2010 then try it for yourself at

Bing Social Search

Social search will give me links that the public are promoting and not big business.

Viva La Revolution! I like it.