BondiGeek finally gets a much needed makeover and in anticipation of the Build Conference and Windows 8 it’s a Windows 8 theme for now.

This is a complete rebuild of the site in MVC3 and all up it took about 2 days to do. Gotta love MVC, it’s just so damn easy and rock solid.

There is still plenty more to come with in depth details on some of the work and case studies. Plus I want to add a little more animation to make some of those tiles a little more Windows Phone 7 like.

Hopefully visitors will find the site a better to navigate and find what they are after that much easier. And, I hope it’s a little more fun now. Mum, if your reading this, the current date and time in Bondi is on the home page so you can always find out what the time is here to avoid those 4am calls Smile

If you want to know what the weather is like in Bondi then that’s also up to date and on the home page.

And if you want to explore Bondi check out the personal page over here with a live map and a little more about myself.

Hope you enjoy.


BondiGeek Home Page