Well it feels like it has been a long time coming but finally we have got Clucky across the finish line and Open for Business.

What is Clucky? Clucky is the brainchild of Luisa Peters whose passion for just about everything she does never ceases to amaze. She has a keen eye for photography, a natural talent for interior design and now she has applied her magic touch to a hand knitted range of products and that’s besides her day job of TVC Producer.

Luisa wanted to launch her brand online and came to BondiGeek as we have been friends for many years now. To give Luisa everything she wanted and more I recommended the Free OpenSource eCommerce solution nopCommerce.

Read on for more.

nopCommerce was a natural choice as a solution for Clucky as it is an entirely .NET based solution and .NET is what BondiGeek does best.

The product is feature complete and continually being refined and being OpenSource it can be customised in anyway you see fit.

Trying to list all of the features in nopCommerce is just too long a list but pop on over to their site here for a full list.

The Problem:

Cluckywanteda shopping cart solution that provides them with full control as an Administrator to create new products, upload images, take online payments linked to their PayPal account or bank.

The solution needed to fit in withÂtheir design from a 3rd party graphic designer and be web standards compliant.

Sounds simple enough!

The Solution:

Yes it does sound simple enough but in reality an eCommerce solution is no small feat to implement unless of course you use an OpenSource product like nopCommerce.


First off Administration features need to be complete and robust for an end user to maintain their site and orders. nopCommerce certainly delivers in this area. Below is a screenshot of just one of the many administration screens found within nopCommerce:


nopCommerce Administration enables you to do just about anything you can think of including Product Variants, Sales Administration, Order Tracking, News, Blog, Polls, Forums, Tax Rates, Shipping, Payment Provider Integration of which there are 34 out of the box including PayPal, Google Checkout, Worldpay and a whole host of other international options, Logging, Queued Email, Blacklisting, Internationalization and much much more.


nopCommerce comes preconfigured with different templates and layouts. It is Theme based and W3C compliant (XHTML). The design is fully 100% customizable using templates.

Taking an existing design and converting it in to a full blown eCommerce site was a cinch using nopCommerce.

All that was required was to copy an existing theme and then customise the CSS and create any additional site images replacing existing ones.

There were a few cases where I had to dip in to the code and meet special requirements but these were so minimal they arealmost not worth mentioning. However, the fact that I could as this is OpenSource code is worth mentioning.

And here we have the results of what amounted to be a very small amount of work for BondiGeek.



If you are looking for an eCommerce solution then look no further than nopCommerce.

If you are looking for an experienced integrator then look no further than BondiGeek.

BondiGeek has the technical expertise and experience you are looking for and the contacts to provide a full blown solution including site design.

So hop on over to http://www.cluckystore.com and check out the site.