I don’t normally like writing negative articles but I feel it is my duty to forewarn the public, heck the entire world (if you’re reading) NOT to buy this Wireless G Access Point.

Let me repeat that; don’t buy this product, do yourself a favour.

I purchased one of these on a recommendation from a colleague. He has obviously had a lot more luck with this product than I have.

First off let me explain what I have purchased this item for. I live in a long flat in Bondi and my office is at 1 end of the unit and the main Wireless AP (A Netgear DG834N Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router) is right down the other end of the flat. As such the signal strength down here is 1-2 bars (out of 5) at best and I have all sorts of drop outs occurring. I finally decided to solve the problem by purchasing an additional router that could act as a Repeater and the DLink DAP-1150 claimed to do just this.

Problem 1: Reading the manual, which is very light on the ground, it tells you to connect the AP via the Ethernet cable and you can then access it via a browser by typing http://dlinkap. Ummmmmm I don’t think so! It was only that my colleague had already jumped through this hoop that I knew that it could be accessed via a fixed IP address of

Your average punter would not know this and probably not know to ask the question and almost definitely would not know how to configure their own network adapter in their computer so it could access this IP address once they did find out.

Problem 2: I have now spent the best part of a day jumping through every hoop imaginable trying to get this thing to work. I finally have but not before reconfiguring my main Wireless AP so that no encryption is enabled and only allowing specific MAC addresses access to give me some level of security but no encryption. Add to that setting a static IP on the DAP-1150 and giving it a address reservation on the Netgear DG834N and finally I am in business.

But, for how long. It worked for a little while earlier giving me 5 bars and then it dropped out and reconnected to the other Netgear AP waaaaayyyyy down the other end of the flat giving me only 1 bar. After several times of disabling the wireless adapter on this computer I finally got it to re-connect to the DAP-1150.

There is not a chance in hell that your average punter would know how to do this and it is only through sheer determination that I have managed to get it to work.

Problem 3: Some of the English on the DAP-1150 configuration site has quite clearly been written by shoving the original manual through BabelFish and converting from whatever language it was originally written in. I suppose on the plus side this did give me a few laughs.

User Rating: 1/10 (and it only gets the 1 for the laughs it gave me)

The final verdict; this thing is going straight back to the shop for a refund.