I recently started a new project re-working my wife’s web presence which has required a lot of video encoding for the web as she makes TV commercials.

I have used Expression Encoder 2 previously but now armed with Expression Encoder 3 and my new i7 processor and 12Gb ram running Windows 7 I was looking forward to the task.

Some of my objectives were as follows:

  1. Small file size.
  2. Meeting the wife’s quality standards.
  3. Meta tagging.
  4. Fast encoding.
  5. Excellent sound quality and synched.
  6. Runs in QuickTime and Windows Media Player.

Point number 5 above was important as I had previously had issues with the sound not being in synch with the video but I am not sure if this was the software or my previous hardware.

The results were excellent.

  1. The files sizes were reduced from around 35Mb for a 30 second ad to 4Mb when encoding as H.264 for video and AAC-LC for audio without any tweaking of the settings at all. I did a few previous tests on some much larger files and was managing to get 100Mb files down to around 10Mb.
  2. The quality of both the video and sound got the stamp of approval from the boss.
  3. The Meta Tagging feature of the videos was very easy to do in Expression 3 and important for SEO purposes.
  4. Fast? Wow, like really fast. This is no doubt the core i7 and 12Gb of ram kicking in. Encoding a 35Mb file down to 4Mb took 20 seconds.
  5. No problems at all with the sound being in synch with the video I am happy to report and the sound quality was excellent.
  6. Once again no problems here either as QuickTime and Windows Media Player both support H.264.

And here we have one of the results. The Old El Paso Stand-n-Stuff ad that is so popular it has it’s own Fan Page on Facebook. Enjoy!