Whilst I was searching around for a new Facebook profile photo this morning I noticed something. Something that was working and working very well.

That something is Facial Recognition within Windows Live Photo Gallery the up and coming version.

I downloaded the Beta a while back as I am a big fan of Photo Gallery and Windows Live Writer and I was aware that this feature was coming but it was not something I had noticed in the version I had installed, until now!

Wow, it works and it works really well. It’s simple to use, intuitive and best of all it works!

Mel and I had tried to get it working on her Mac with iLife but to no avail, it just sat there day after day telling us it was thinking.

But enough about Apple, lets get back to Microsoft shall we.

The screenshot below shows the user interface. Notice at the top of the screen all the small thumbnails of my face (in various stages of handsome to not-so-flattering). These are images of me that have been detected in all the photos of my gallery (all 38,428 of them)


Now it’s not perfect. Having worked in the Biometrics industry for 4 years I know full well that 100% accurate Facial Recognition is the Holy Grail so I would not expect it to be perfect.

If I scan through the thumbnails and see one that is not correct, as in the case of the one circled in red (It seems to think I am one of my dutch aunt-in-laws or our friend Bubbles) then I just hover over it to see a larger full size image and click the ignore icon (the red circle with a slash) as shown below. Simple!

image<em>thumb5 image</em>thumb6

This is a great new feature and a welcome addition to Windows Live Photo Gallery. Mel and I like our photos and this will make it so much easier to find our family and friends in them.