Lets take a look at the content of the article below shall we:

Flashpoint as Jobs takes aim at Adobe

First off I am not keen on the use of the phrase “deep seated hatred”, hatred is a very strong word. But, it sure does look like Apple are trying to screw anyone and everyone out of a penny and make sure it all goes in to their coffers. Every year we here how Jobs salary is only $1 (or something like that) but that just sounds like ridiculous propaganda to me. Perhaps he sleeps better at night having that message broadcast to the masses but I think we all know full well he isn’t suffering or skipping meals.

Secondly, I think what we are seeing here from Apple is a classic case of get yourself firmly embedded in the market, with the help of some very faithful fans, and then slowly cut the competition out. Of course the Mac Faithful will willingly follow were ever Jobs leads them, as to admit that their religion is flawed would be admitting they were wrong.

I know, I know I am being rather sarcastic and somewhat negative and this is something I swore off doing this year. Unfortunately I feel as passionate about the wool being pulled over peoples eyes with regards to Macs as I do about the next seasons of Dexter, Californication and True Blood all combined.

I really don’t care if Steve Jobs calls Adobe or Google names; that is irrelevant. But I do care if consumers are being taken for a ride and I think that is exactly what is happening here.

The article goes on to say:

Adobe has called the iPad restricted and Jobs has fired back with claims that Adobe is lazy and its software causes the Mac to crash.

Well if that is true then why is Flash supported by Safari on the Mac? Is it because you don’t have an App Store Monopoly for the MacBook like you do for the iPhone and impending iPad Steve? Hmmm something doesn’t ad up here me thinks???

It will be interesting to see how many people actually buy the entry point iPad at $500? I would say it will be tiny in comparison to the numbers that will shell out top dollar for the model that’s actually only 50% of the way too being functional. The only reason they have that model is to make it appear like they are price competitive with Netbooks. Apple are counting on their flock to shell out the $’s now and then again in 12-18 months when they release the model with 75% of the required functionality.

On the Surface the iPad looks like a sweet enticing little package that you gotta have. I am sure you can justify it in your mind. But can you really?

I think the more interesting news article today however is how Apple is likely to confuse the e-book market over on Yahoo news here. Looks like rather than it “Just Working” Apple are trying to make it “Just not Work”, unless you own an Apple Device and buy your content through Apple, hich is exactly what Mr Jobs want you to do.

But there is some good news out of all this for Microsoft. All that hard work that Apple has done with the catchy Mac Ads is slowing being undone by Steve and making the likes of Microsoft (who do have an open system that makes room for all the other software and hardware makers in the market) look good, they are looking real good.

If WinMo 7 is anything like the about face Microsoft have done with Windows 7 I think we are in for a fun ride the next few years.