Well I am sitting here at home today feeling rather shabby but at least I am comfortable and not having to sit at my desk in the air-conditioning. Fresh air and rest are the best medicine.

Unfortunately I am not good at resting during the day so I decided to upgrade my blog and expand my presence on the web. Ta Da, if you have found this on bondigeek.com then you already know what the new site looks like. If you are reading this over on the old spaces blog well it’s time to update your link and head on over to http://www.bondigeek.com/blog

So, I have turned to the dark side and upgraded to WordPress. Well I have got to say it’s pretty darn good and it has given me the opportunity to take a look at php in the flesh. Being a C# .NET developer I don’t often look to the dark side :-)

The support for WordPress themes on the internet is fantastic and will make it very easy to give bondigeek a fresh new look from time to time.

It has taken me no time at all to get up and running and all that was required was the selection of a theme, a little hacking of the php footer (more on that in a moment), re-uploading my blog entries and hey presto we are up and running.

So about that footer hack. Well the lovely people that supplied the theme did give it away but took the liberty of Base64 encoding the footer content and embedding a link off to some drug web site. Thanks, but no.

(addendum: the WordPress template that required this hack has now been retired and this lovely clean template put in it’s place)

So this:

phpeval(base64_decode('Pz4gPC9kaXY+PCEtLSAvY29udGVudCAtLT4NCjwvZGl2PjwhLS0gL3dyYXAgLS0+DQo8ZGl2IGNsY XNzPSJjYW5jZWxmb290ZXIiPjwvZGl2Pg0KPGRpdiBjbGFzcz0iZm9vdGVyIj4NCjxkaX YgY2xhc3M9Im1hcmdpbmF1dG8iPg0KPCEtLSBGT09URVIgQ1JFRElUUyBMSU5LIC0tPgkNCjxiaWc+PHN0cm9uZz4mY29weTsgPD9waHAgZWNobyBkYXRlKCdZJyk7ID8+IDw/cGhwIGJ sb2dpbmZvKCduYW1lJyk7ID8+PC9zdHJvbmc+PC9iaWc+PGJyPg0KPHNtYWxsPjxzdHJvbmc +IDw/cGhwIGlmKGlzX2hvbWUoKSkgOiA/PjxhIGhyZWY9Imh0dHA6Ly9jaGVhcGRy dWdzMjQuY29tLyIgdGl0bGU9ImRydWdzIj5kcnVnczwvYT48P3BocCBlbmRpZjsgPz4uIDxzdHJvbmc +PC9zbWFsbD4NCg0KPGRpdiBjbGFzcz0icmlnaHQiPg0KPGEgaHJlZj0iIyIgY2xhc3M9In N1YnNjcmliZS1mb290ZXIiPjwvYT4NCjxhIGhyZWY9IiMiIGNsYXNzPSJ0d2l0dGVyLWZvb3RlciI+PC9hPg0KPC9kaXY +DQo8L2Rpdj4NCjwvZGl2Pg0KDQo8ZGl2Pjw/cGhwIHdwX2Zvb3RlcigpOyA/PjwvZGl2Pg0KPC9ib2R 5Pg0KPC9odG1sPiA8Pw=='));?>

Needed to be converted in to this:

div>-- /content-->div>-- /wrap--><divclass="cancelfooter">div><divclass="footer"><divclass="marginauto"><big><strong>Copyright ©phpechodate('Y'); ?>phpbloginfo('name'); ?>strong>big><br><small><strong><strong>small><divclass="right"><ahref="http://bondigeek.com/blog/?feed=rss2"class="subscribe-footer">a><ahref="http://www.twitter.com/bondigeek/"class="twitter-footer">a>div>div>div><div>phpwp_footer(); ?>div>body>html>

stripping out the nasty link off to some dodgy prescription meds site.

And there you have it, my first foray in to the world of php.

Ok, back to the rest for me.