Mix11, are you pumped? It’s a new year and time for a new Mix and I am totally psyched about this years Mix conference. There is so much going on in the tech world (other than things beginning with an i) and what better venue to ‘get your geek on’ than Vegas and Mix 11.

After watching lasts years Mix conference I was so impressed with all the speakers and everything I learnedonline that this year I decided I would do everything in my power to attend the conference. And what better way to attend than speaking at this years conference and that’s exactly what I am hoping to do.

The Open Call for speakers gives 10 lucky people an opportunity to present on a topic of there choosing. You can see all the proposals here.

You can vote for my presentation here.

The topic of my presentation is based on one of my blog posts from 2010 “WCF Data Services, OData and jQuery. If you are an asp.net developer you should be embracing these technologies”.

This will not focus on any one technology but will illustrate (with a real world public facing web site that will be launched in late March 2011, just in time for Mix11) how all of the following technologies have been combined to create a robust, responsive, flexible and easy to maintain web site.

  • WCF Data Services
  • Entity Framwork
  • OData
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Templates
  • SQL Server

It will show how leveraging the traditional asp.net model is still relevant for things like the Membership Provider and URL Routing. However, for data binding, jQuery, jQuery Templates and OData combined with WCF Data Services and Entity Framework provide a compelling alternative to traditional asp.net server controls and data binding.

Offloading processing to the client browser for page composition is only one of the advantages. By moving the page composition to javascript on the client and utilising OData for querying our data we create an extremely flexible solution. A solution that enables us to modify script that will be executed on the client to extract data and present it on the client (without ever needing to change our server code) for scenarios that we may not have ever considered during the initial design and development.

The power of Entity Framework, WCF Data Services and the exquisite IQueryable Interface are what enable us to compose, on the client using OData syntax, the queries that we require. This is a technique that makes separation of the client and server code oh so easy.

Drilling down a bit further it is the power of the Entity Framework that makes binding our model to our SQL Server database a simple drag and drop process. This enables us to make changes to our database and regenerate our model with brilliant simplicity and ensure our code is consistent and still compiles.

So please vote for my presentation at Mix11 as I would love to pass on my learnings to one and all and demonstrate that once you have a grasp of all these different technologies how easy it makes developing robust, scalable, flexible and fast web sites.