My friend Kerryn B sent me an article yesterday with some useful tricks for Google. Some of them I was aware of and some of them were new to me. It made me start to think a little more about this and did Bing have the equivalents or perhaps some other tricks up it’s sleeve. Some of the tips in the above article I have re-covered here.

I have been liking what I see on Bing more and more these days and being a Microsoft Geek I like to give their products a fair shake and some good press. I am not saying MS is perfect, far from it, but credit where credit is due I say.

If you haven’t used Bing to search the web and you think I am referring to a character on Friends then check this site out that will tell you all about it.

*Some of these tips and tricks might not be available in your country. When my wife and tried these, her in Australia and me in the USA, the Wolfram|Alpha integration didn’t seem to be available yet in Australia.

Anyway lets kick the tires on Google and Bing and see what happens shall we.

Before I get on too the specifics here is my handy chart for the day that gives you the breakdown of how each performed.

Showdown Results

**Tip or Trick****Google****Bing**
Site:[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](******![Happy]( "Happy")**
nutritional value of:[**![NotHappy]( "NotHappy")**](****[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****
Use the search Engine as a Calculator[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****
Time[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****
Currency Conversion[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****
filetype:[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****
Contains:[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****
InURL:, InAnchor:, InTitle:, InBody:[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****
VIN:[**![NotHappy]( "NotHappy")**](****[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****
Search Subscription via RSS[**![NotHappy]( "NotHappy")**](****[**![Happy]( "Happy")**](****


Using the ‘Site:’ operator you can limit the search to a specific site on Google or Bing.

**Google******The search jennifer aniston’ in Google returns the results shown[![]( "Google Site")]( [](
**Bing**The search jennifer aniston’ in Bing returns the results shown.Call me Crazy but I like these results better as I get pretty pictures of Jen :-)PLUS,I get some nice links over on the top left that help me narrow down my results.[![]( "Bing Site")]( [![]( "Bing Site - Images")]( [![]( "Bing Site - News")](

#2 nutritional value of:

If you enter the phrase ‘Nutrional value of xxx’ in to Bing you will get all the nutritional details of the food name you enter.

**Google **Doing this in Google you get the usual page of search results with know doubt some useful links[](
**Bing**Doing this in Bing you get along with the search results a box in the top left corner of the screen as shown: Clicking on this link will give you the following results.This provides you all the nutritional details about the food item you are searching on. Try it with the phrase ‘how much fat in a mars bar’. The results are not nice; 12 grams and 18% of your daily intake. Yikes!These results are provided by [Wolphram|Alpha]( which is a cool computation knowledge engine by some uber genius. I remember reading about this over and year ago and here it is being put to excellent use ![:-)]([![dpznrmkb]( "dpznrmkb")]( [![zf3u2tx1]( "zf3u2tx1")](

#3Use the search Engine as a Calculator

If you enter a mathematical expression in Google or Bing it will compute the result for you.

**Google**Entering in the expression (9*9)^3 will give you just the answer to nine times nine to the power of 3 as shown[![gtqq2s3j]( "gtqq2s3j")](
**Bing**Entering in the expression (9*9)^3 will give you the answer to nine times nine to the power of 3 as well as some search related stuff that might be relevant as shown.Clicking on the link in to the top left again will give you even more information about your result courtesy of Wolphram|Alpha as shown[![1zphvnpr]( "1zphvnpr")]( [![mgvx1ewx]( "mgvx1ewx")](

#4 Time

If you enter ‘Time’ and then the name of a city in Google or Bing it will tell you time in that city.

**Google**As expected in Google entering ‘Time Sydney’ gives me the time in Sydney Australia (the most likely candidate) along with some search results as shown[![rtn5k0zt]( "rtn5k0zt")](
**Bing**Entering in ‘Time Sydney’ in Bing returns the time in Sydney as well as the date along with some search results as shown.I actually found this more intuitive as although Google told me it was monday it didn’t say what the date was which is probably more relevant. The perfect solution I think would show both.[![zvlufxqy]( "zvlufxqy")](

#5 Currency Conversion

Entering in a phrase to convert currency in Google or Bing will return back the currency conversion for you.

**Google**If you enter the phrase convert 100 us dollars too Australian dollars you will get the results shown[![orq1rl0q]( "orq1rl0q")](
**Bing**If you enter the phrase convert 100 us dollars too Australian dollars you will get the results shown[![v42mwsoh]( "v42mwsoh")](

#6 filetype:

You can use the filetype: operator in both Google and Bing to find pages that contains your search criteria and also files with the extention you specify.

**Google**if you enter ‘9/11 filetype:pdf’ in to Google you will get back the results shown.[![txbajj2l]( "txbajj2l")](
**Bing**if you enter ‘9/11 filetype:pdf’ in to Bing you will get back the results shown.What I like again about Bing is you get an additional link box on the top left of the results which takes you off to a well formatted page regarding your search criteria. In this instance the information is sourced from Wikipedia[![2l2ktxaa]( "2l2ktxaa")]( [![eskybjng]( "eskybjng")](

#7 Contains:

Contains: searches for pages where there’s a hyperlink to a file with the extension . One of the tricks to use with Contains: is searching for blogs as shown in the examples below.

**Google**If you search for ‘galloping gourmet contains:mp4′ in Google you will get the results shown.The results are similar to those shown below for Bing.[![00tej1qm]( "00tej1qm")](
**Bing**If you search for ‘galloping gourmet contains:mp4′ in Bing you will get the results shown.And once again I have the side results in the top left which I particularly like.If you are not familiar with Graham Kerr he is the Jamie Oliver of the 70’s and I grew up on him. I used to love watching his show with my gran.[![fjdznxne]( "fjdznxne")]( [![image]( "image")](

#8 InURL:, InAnchor:, InTitle:, InBody:

These operators are really handy for finding search phrases inside particular parts or elements of a website. Please refer to each Search provider for more detail and links are provided below.

**Google**The [GoogleGuide here]( "Google Guide") has all the details you will need plus plenty of other options I haven’t mentioned here.
**Bing**I am going to refer you off to an [official Bing page]( "Bing Guide") here for how these ones work on Bing so as not to create any confusion.Scroll to the bottom of [the link]( "Bing Guide") to see how these are used.

#9 VIN:

If you live in the United States of America then you can check on the history of any car using the VIN number found under the hood.

**Google**Doing this search in Google returns no results. Ooooooh![![bwsf5vfx]( "bwsf5vfx")](
**Bing******Doing this search in Bing returns a link to the vehicle history. Click on that link and the Vehicle History is displayed.[![ouwfnfn1]( "ouwfnfn1")]( [![cdngy3vn]( "cdngy3vn")](

#10 – Search Subscription via RSS

And my last tip (and this why I really like) is that with Bing you can get back search results as an RSS Feed.

GoogleThis does not work in Google
BingIf I do a search in Bing and then append ‘Format=rss’ to the end of the search criteria I can get the results back as an RSS feed.Cool! I have included a feed on my Blog to geek articles4vdpa413 4gwle4r3
Well I hope that this articles has added some value to the previous authors article and perhaps raised awareness that the world doesn’t just revolve around Google anymore.