My good friend Allan who I haven’t seen in ages has posed the question “should I buy a Mac or a PC with my hard earned wonga? If I go Mac I can just run Windows and Mac OS-X in parallel”.

Ah the $50,000 question. Do I have an opinion on this? Well yes I do as a matter of fact.

Ok lets get this out of the way first. If you really want to pay over the top and buy in to the Apple way of life, go for it.

A nice new MacBook will run Windows 7 just fine thanks.

Windows 7 is superb and anyone who tells you that Mac OS-X is far superior to Windows 7 and that Windows 7 is full of bugs, maxes out your memory blah blah blah is smoking something and living in the past.

I am not biased either way but I look at what I do with my day to day life and how I make a living and that is writing code and specifically writing code for the Windows OS using Visual Studio. So of course I am going to lean towards Windows.

If I was just an average person who reads email, writes the occasional Word document or spreadsheet, surfs the net etc then either MAC OS-X or Windows 7 will do just fine.

My wife is a MAC user; I bought her a shiny new MacBook with it’s uni-body shell and big mouse pad thingy and I have to agree it looks a feels great. But then again my 2 year old HP dv9724tx laptop also looks and feels great and my wife often comments on how well it performs and the clarity of the screen.

So the final verdict is, it’s up to you.

The only downside of going Apple hardware is that you will probably pay twice the price for the same spec machine for the privilege of having the Apple Logo.

The choice between MAC OS-X or Windows 7 is irrelevant these days. It’s what ever you prefer.