This is something I love to do and have heaps (well quite a few) panorama shots, some of which I use on the header of this blog. It’s a cool way of bringing a bunch of related photos together and giving them some new life.

You can see a bunch more I have done over here Flickr Panoramas.

To create the panoramas I start with a bunch of digital photos I have taken by standing in one spot and taking photos whilst rotating my body.

To stitch them all together I use Windows Live Photo Gallery which you can download for free from here Download Page.

And now for the stitching:

Step 1: Select all the photos you want to stitch together


Step 2: On the Make menu select Create Panoramic Photo…


Step 3: Wait whilst Windows Live Photo Gallery does it’s magic…


Step 4: When prompted save the new Image.


Step 5: When your new stitch appears click on the Fix menu


Step 6: To add the finishing touches you can Crop the image by selecting Crop Photo and dragging the rectangle that appears until you have just the part of the image you want as shown below. Once done press Apply


Step 7: Show everyone the cool panorama you have created with your digital camera :-) Click on the image below to see the full size version.

My New Panorama

Have fun.