If you own an iPhone you will know that it may well be a good phone but the camera that comes with it is very poor. So poor that they really should have just left it off the list.

However, here is a technique I use to get a pretty good image and improve on the quality by stitching together a series of photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery. I provide step-by-step instructions on how to do this in this previous blog post “How to stitch photos together to make a Panorama”

Now obviously this won’t work to well with a lot of moving objects in the photos you are taking and this will give the stitching software a hard time (and may make for some interesting results) but for a controlled environment where you want to get a nice panorama you can get some impressive results.

Take a look at the two samples below. For each I have provided all the original images and then a larger version of the stitched together photo. Click on the large image to see the results in full.



You will notice that in the original images the colours are a bit washed out and the images are pretty flat.

The stitched together image brings out the colours, seems to add more detail and gives a lot of depth to the photo.

The results, given the quality of the iPhone camera, are pretty impressive.

Happy Snapping.