I have been using an iPhone since day one of the launch and although I was initially very happy with my purchase a disturbance in the force has been building in me in the form of an outright rebellion to the Apple way.

Ok I am not a fan boy, never have been, never will be but I will give a product a fair shake and take the good with the bad. Unfortunately the bad is definitely outweighing the good as far as Apple are concerned for now.

Enter the HTC Legend powered by Google Android 2.1, this is the iPhone slayer!

The young Jedi has become the master and Apple have most definitely moved to the Dark Side. I suspect we will see Mr Job$ flying off in to another galaxy in the not to distant future, Star Wars Episode IV style.

The recent lawsuit that Apple has tried to slap on HTC is most definitely not aimed at HTC, it’s aimed squarely at Google. Why? Because they have come up with a mobile software HTC Legendsolution that is superior, friendlier, open, faster and just downright better than anything Apple have come up with.

It is hard to put in to words and pictures how this phone is better but I will give it a stab. If you get a chance pop in to a mobile shop and try this phone out if your looking for a new one that is. After all it’s just a phone or is it.

Kaa Powww!

Here is the knock out punch for me. My wife, who is a seasoned technophobe and has resisted change since the days of Alexander Graham Bell loves it. Did she cooee over an iPhone? Nope! Did she every want a Windows Mobile phone? Ummm No! Heck did she ever want any phone that did anything other than make calls? Nah!

However, one look at the Legend and a quick walk through and we are talking potential purchase. Can I tell you how unprecedented this is. It’s like two political parties agreeing on something. It just doesn’t happen.

Zow Weeeee!

If your a social networker welcome to the future. Turn on the phone, connect to your Facebook, Twitter or Flickr account(s) and hey presto all your contacts are downloaded Facebook Integrationcomplete with phone numbers if they have made them available.

Browse to one of your contacts, flick your finger across the bottom of the screen and check out your friends latest status updates or browse their photos. This is very similar to the way Outlook 2010 connects your contacts to their social networks and it will become the norm. Sorry Mr Innovation at Apple but you most definitely didn’t get here first.

Flash Aaaaaaarrrr.

We are talking both speed and we are also talking Adobe Flash. This thing is really fast, I mean really, really, really fast. As for the other Flash I didn’t think this was going to be in the phone until Android 2.2 but I have checked out my company web sites and the Flash Banners are playing on the Webkit Browser. Off to the smh.com.au and the normally white squares on my iPhone or iPad now play video on the HTC Legend. Check it out for yourselves in the photo.

Yeh that’s right Mr Flash is unstable, it makes the OS crash. Ummm hate to say it Steve but my iPad software crashes like a copy of Windows Me on a bad day. No sign of trouble on Android or the HTC phone.

Guess your developers just aren’t up to scratch Steve or could it be that you have other fish to fry now. Like iAd perhaps?

Woooo Hooooo!

Apple App Store? Big deal! The Google Marketplace has all the same apps I downloaded from the App Store, it’s as easy to use (actually easier) and doesn’t nag me for a password every friggin time I try and download something.

And the media player. Finally I can break free from the proprietary shackles of iTunes which is a turd on Windows anyway. I can just burn my CDs in the format of my choice and drag and drop the albums on too the Micro-Sim card that I can pop in to the phone and replace with a bigger one if I run out of space. No more being forced to buy a piece of hardware that can only be upgraded by giving Steve Job$ more wonga.

Axe To Grind?

Yeh you bet I do. Apple are suing left right and centre, and why? Because Steve Job$ is a megalomaniac that is conning the general public. That 1984 Ad is going to come back and haunt Apple in a big way. They have turned in to everything that they claim not to be in an attempt to force everyone to do an about face and walk in line with how they want the digital world to be.

And back to a loving place

That said I want to end this article on a positive note and that note is that the HTC Legend is an excellent phone. It does everything I want. It is easy to use. It makes phone calls. It does my email. It handles my Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts. It does it fast, it does it easy. It tells me the weather everyday, it is my alarm clock and my media player. It lets me replace the sim card and upgrade the phone. It (will) let me tether my iPad (he says with gritted teeth) to it and not force me to buy a more expensive model from Apple and yet another data plan. It lets me browse the web, read the news, aggregates RSS feeds. It will take me home when I am lost with the built in GPS. I can watch crazy people on YouTube. Heck I can even put on my Google Goggles and explore the world in a whole new way.

This Is a Killer Phone!