Well I have to say I was a doubting Thomas and I still can’t stand Steve Jobs but Apple have pulled it off with the iPad. This finally is a device from Apple that has the Wow factor that lives up to the hype.

It’s fast, the web browsing experience is great (apart from the lack of flash), photos look awesome on it and browsing them is great, the iPod is well an iPod, the iBookstore is ok but nothing to write home about but reading books on it is surprisingly good.

For anything on the go or in the bed an iPad is perfect.

Read on to learn more.

First off here are the downsides:

  • It’s heavy, much heavier than you would think and I could feel my wrist getting tired.
  • No Flash (but we all know that one by now)
  • It doesn’t charge through the supplied USB cable *
  • Existing iPhone Apps that have not been converted look crap to be honest.

And now for the good stuff:

  • It’s fast, very fast
  • The web browsing experience is excellent
  • Reading a book is simple and easy but not sure about eye strain??? and the wrists might get tired.
  • Video looks great on it.
  • The Photos app is excellent and joy to use. What a great way to show your photos.
  • Using the Map application is awesome. It finally feels usable at this size, too small on the iPhone.
  • The onscreen keyboard is surprisingly good.

So overall this is a big winner for Apple and consumers I think. And this coming from a devout Microsofty.


It is a fantastic device for consuming; browsing, reading, viewing all come naturally on this device.

BUT, It will not be replacing laptops or desktops anytime soon. Netbooks maybe and I say maybe because netbooks do give you more value for money and don’t come with some of the restrictions that you have with an iPad. Also a Netbook, Laptop and Desktop are all much better devices for input.

So, I would say that the following stands true and this is from the perspective of someone who spends all day everyday on computers developing software.

  1. You will never get rid of my Desktop Computer for working at and doing serious web browsing.
  2. You will never get rid of my laptop for working on when I am travelling and sitting down to write my blogs.
  3. For anything on the go or in the bed an iPad is perfect. Heck it’s perfect for sitting in the living room and doing my tweeting and blogging from the couch. Filling in those gaps like time I spend on the bus, sitting in a cafe, waiting around, on a plane, train or automobile the iPad will be ‘the’ device to use. The screen is big enough, the hardware is powerful enough and it does all that you need when you are on the go.

My final word though (and yes I am repeating myself here) it will never replace the laptop or the desktop.


  • So it turns out the iPad does charge from a USB cable slowly but it is not obvious that this is occurring. Check out this link for the weirdness