If you haven’t used jQuery UI before then you are missing out on a whole lot of joy and a whole lot of saved effort.

What is jQuery UI? Well straight from the horses mouth

jQuery UI provides abstractions for low-level interaction and animation, advanced effects and high-level, themeable widgets, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library, that you can use to build highly interactive web applications.

That means things like Datepicker controls, Tabs, Accordions, Modal Dialog etc all wrapped up in a nice package for you and optionally themed to your liking.

One of the great things about jQuery UI is the ThemeRoller which allows you to customise jQuery UI to your own colour scheme.

Again, this is a huge time saver and you can see the beast below:

jQuery UI Theme Roller

I have often wanted to go back and tweak the theme I had previously created, if for example the client has requested some modifications to colours, font sizes etc.

Whilst working on a project today it suddenly dawned on me that this is remarkably easy to do and the answer was staring me right in the face.

The Theme definition is built in the Address Bar of the browser as you modify the Theme so all that is needed to modify a previously created theme is to copy the URL from the Address Bar with all the Query String parameters:

Click on this link to open a custom theme that you can now modify.

So simple when you don’t over complicate things Smile