Today I have decided to write about one the new additions to Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 and that is the Screen Capture application.

When you start the application you get a very simple screen to work with as shown below:


But what does this application do you ask? Read on to find out.

Pressing the microphone button will turn on your microphone if you have one ready for recording your voice.


Pressing the webcam button will turn on your webcam if you have one ready for capturing your video image.


Now that button to the far right with the red dot begins the record process and the first thing it will allow you to do is select the portion of the screen that you wish to capture as shown below outlined in red: (click on screenshot to get BIG image)


Once you press red button on the screen shown below a countdown: 3,2,1 will occur and recording will begin.


Don’t let the fact that the video of “you” does not appear whilst recording or that it doesn’t appear in the preview after you finish recording. It will appear as soon as you load your recording in to Expression Encoder 3.

Once you have finished recording you can load your screen capture in to Expression Encoder 3 and then generate your video. Simple!

For more information on Expression Encoder 3 please check out a previous BondiGeek Blog entry over here.

The Video I have captured for you is a demonstration of a previous blog entry on .NET RIAServices and EntityQueries over here.

Enjoy the video (if you’re a Geek).

Note: if your having trouble seeing what is going on in the video at this size just right-click on it and select the ‘watch on youtube’ menu. Then you can view full screen.