I came across a rather nifty piece of technology today that is being developed by Microsoft Research in Israel.

Effectively this could automate the process of tagging your friends across a whole raft of different social networks, consolidating images that you or your friends have taken and uploaded to various social networks in to, as it says, OneAlbum.

Now this could be kinda cool as I wouldn’t have to tag all my friends and vice versa anymore.

The software uses facial recognition and event matching and analysis’s the photos in your album to determine the faces you care about the most (my wife’s of course :-)) and then scours your friends shared photo albums for matches from their albums.

The slide below shows (kinda) how this works or hop on over to this article to view a video demo:


Now this all sounds great to me and I feel somewhat confident that security will be factored in to this process.

But still, it does raise questions about how easy it is becoming for the average person to track others movements. if your friends with your boss it just became that much easier to check those sick days you took and see what you were up to on those days.

I can see the headlines (and gory photos) now of you chucking a sicky (allegedly) but the photos showing you whooping it up on your friends boat with a cold beer in hand :-)

Careful who you make friends with.