I am getting pretty snap happy these days so I figured I would put some of my Digital Data to good use and play around with Microsoft Photosynth and DeepZoom Composer.

These are 2 distinct products (both have been around for a while now) that work in different ways but allow you to visualize your digital photos in a new and exciting way.


Photosynth allows you to display a collection of related photographs and navigate through them in a 3D space.


DeepZoom Composer allows you to take any collection of images, create a collage and zoom in and out of the collage at a high level of detail.

Want to know more?

Before we continue you may be prompted to install Silverlight to view the demos below. It’s up to you if you do install Silverlight but it won’t do you any harm if you do.


The image below shows how a collection of photos will appear inside Microsoft Photosynth. Click on the image to navigate to the site and explore this Synth.


Notice how the images are overlapping each other? This is Photosynth intelligently stitching together all of the photos that I have uploaded. This is different to traditional photo stitching in that you have no loss of data and the end result is not warped or distorted. This allows us to effectively move through a 3 dimensional space as we are taking photographs and then allow someone viewing at a later date to also move through the same space whilst viewing the photographs.

I know, I know, some of you are probably saying why not just use a video camera and have live motion? Well a video is not as good as letting someone browse around your images, you are forced to move in one direction only. If for example you are photographing say a vehicle for sale you can let your potential buyer tour your car at there own pace and provide them with highlights of the vehicle indexed in a brochure style. Could be a whole new way of selling a car. Image if you are selling a house? Hmmmm could be very interesting indeed.

DeepZoom Composer

DeepZoom composer provides you with the means to effectively lay out dozens even hundreds of images on to a virtual canvas and organise them how you see fit. Now imagine if you will spreading all your photos out on to a table; they would take up a large amount of space but you could scan them and then take a closer look at ones you are interested in.

DeepZoom Composer allows you to do this and upload the results to the web. People who want to browse your collection can do so in a fast and efficient way. As you zoom in to an area of interest the image comes in to focus.

A picture (or 1000) is worth a 1000 words so click on the link below for a DeepZoom composition of our Bali holiday.