I ran in to this problem today and it had me stumped for a little while but a Bing moment, a little bit of intuition and observation and I was soon up and running again.

I ran in to this little critter when I was migrating my blogs and restoring the MySql backup of my main blog which was ~5Mb in size. When I went to do the restore of the database I was blocked due the 2Mb limit on uploads. As soon as I changed this to something larger the error “Session cannot be started without error” started appearing.

Doh! Here’s how I fixed it.

A little background first.

Having migrated my blog code and database, installed PHP, MySql etc I was then in a position to restore the database.

I am used to (read spoiled) by using Sql Server Management Studio so when it came to restoring the database I didn’t want to faff around with unfamiliar command line syntax.

A quick hunt around the Bing-osphere and I came across phpMyAdmin a nice little php front end for MySql.

Getting it up and running was a synch and their website has all the details.

So I restored my first blog database, no problem, it was nice and small.

But when it came to my main blog (this one your reading. Hello,hello,is their anyone there?) it was greater than the 2Mb limit. Doh!

To fix that issue I had to edit my php.ini file and change the line below from:

  • uploadmaxfilesize = 2M


  • uploadmaxfilesize = 10M

And this is where the issue started appearing. I went back to phpMyAdmin and the error “Session cannot be started without error” started appearing when I tried to login.

First instinct told me perhaps I had put something wrong in the php.ini? No!

Ok, I need to restart php? No!

Ummm the setting I supplied was just not valid? No!

It turned out all I needed to do to fix the problem was clear the cache in my browser. As soon as I did that all was good in phpMyAdmin town. Sweeeeet!