I have blogged previously about the Asus WL-330 wireless access point under "essential business travel tools" or something similar but since this little baby has come to my rescue In beautiful Bali I figured I would give it another plug.

Now of course it doesn’t need to be an Asus, it could be one of a whole slew of other wireless AP devices but this is the one I just happen to have, given to me as a freebie with a computer purchase many years ago.

Having checked in to our room at the beautiful Hotel Padma resort in Legian, Bali one of the first things I wanted to do was get connected. They do offer free Wi-Fi in the lobby but it doesn’t extend as far as the rooms in the resort. They do however have wired broadband in the rooms. But who does wired anymore unless they really have to right?

Armed with a slew of wireless devices (this is a holiday really) a room that leads right on to the pool and a desire to do some blogging this holiday I just had to have wireless in the room and on the patio.

Ta Da, enter the #Asus WL-330. I just plugged this little sucker in to the rooms broadband, flipped the switch to AP and hey presto, the room, patio, swim up bar etc. were all now at my wireless mercy. Mwah Ha Ha Ha!

So next time you are on holiday and for those times when you just want to sit back and relax and read the paper on your #iPad or Tweet on your #WP7 or your good lady wants to kick back on her #MacBook and surf the web…save yourself some hassle and bring along a Wireless AP. It sure beats fighting for the cable.