I have been hankering to spice up the bondigeek site for some time now and when I came across the article ‘HOW TO: Implement Google Font API on your website” the other day the opportunity presented itself.

Fonts on a web site are notoriously dull and a pain to implement across browsers if you want to step outside the norm, not to mention the licensing minefield. Google have come up with a solution to the problem though.

I won’t get in to the details in full as the article link above does a fine job.

However, if you want to see what fonts are available then check out theGoogle Font Directory

Implementing the fonts in your site is extremely easy and that is just what I have done this fine Sunday morning before our walk around the beautiful Centennial Park in Sydney

I don’t claim to be any kind of a designer folks but I am pretty happy with the results. Take a look for yourself.