Ok first of all when my wife was staring in to her MacBook this morning at 6am and asked me had I read the news today, that was the real major event of the day, that she was up at 6am and coherent. I love ya babe, just having a chuckle :-)

So she gleefully asked me if I had read the news story on the iPad. I really thought she was joking at first with the name as I immediately thought “feminine hygiene”

product. But she was serious. Ok so I am over that little laugh now and I have had a chance to read the headlines.

I am not going to poo poo the product, as until you have held one in your hands it’s kinda hard to get the real experience. But these are what I see as the pluses and minus on first look.

On the plus side:

  • The pricing appears ok
  • The apps are compatible with iPhone
  • It is thin and light
  • It sports the apple look and feel

On the Minus side:

  • It’s not a real eReader
  • It appears to be just a giant iPhone with nothing really new or groundbreaking
  • No Flash support
  • It’s another (US)$500-(US)$829 I have to spend (but I am not going to)

Now my main point on the minus side here is that it is not an eReader. If (and I hope to one day) I buy a Slate/Pad/Tablet device to take with me it’s main purpose is going to be reading. I can already happily browse the net, catch up on news etc on the bus with my iPhone and when I get to work or home I can use a real computer with a nice large screen. Why would I want to give Apple another, lets face it (AU)$1000+ dollars (we get ripped off by Apple downunder), so I can move my music from my iPod to my iPad and lug around a larger device that doesn’t offer me the real advantages of an eReader? Why I ask you why? My wife would kill me for a start.

If I want to have my books on a device and I want to read for long periods of time it’s going to have to be an eInk device which you can read all about here. This is technology that is designed specifically to enable you to read for long periods of time in any type of lighting condition without causing eye strain and consumes a miniscule amount of power. The iPad claims 10 hours of continuous use. Compare this with 2 weeks of reading time for an Amazon Kindle. That’s enough to go away for an entire holiday to just relax and read by the pool sipping cocktails without ever having to charge the device.

That’s it for now as who knows, when I actually hold one in the flesh I might get caught up in the hype and find myself crying for one, but iDoubt it!