I have decided to re-hash an old blog topic from my personal blog today which never really sat well with me there anyway as it is more about technology than my personal quest for good health and a happy fulfilled life. Plus I had a weekend of moving boxes around the house in the humidity and collapsed in a heap Sunday night with no energy left to blog

So what the heck am I talking about with the Phil Collins Effect?

I am referring to the fate that befell our diminutive bald friend from Genesis and then later Phil Collins the solo artist. Check out some of the vids below.

For the real die hard fans you may also remember him beating the skins in Brand X. Phil is an awesome drummer and having seen Genesis several times live I have very fond memories of the inevitable drum solo between Phil Collins and Chester Thompson, also an exceptional drummer.

A classic if ever there was one.Aaahhhh the days of the drum solo
I digress though with my musical trivia.

When I refer to the Phil Collins Effect I am talking about the massive over exposure that Phil Collins received through the late 80’s and early 90’s. Eventually he became so over exposed it was a contributing factor to the downturn in his career. Entertainment Weekly reviewed one of his last solo albums as follows: "(e)ven Phil Collins must know that we all grew weary of Phil Collins."

Could it be that Apple is headed in the same direction?

Thankfully the hullaballoo surrounding the iPad has died down (for now) but could it be that Apple has now peaked and we are just getting sick of all the hype? Do we really care anymore? Sure there has been some good press surrounding the iPad but their has also been a lot of negative sentiment towards it. Unlike the iPhone it’s not really that much of a revolutionary device, more just an evolution of the iPhone really. Hey I could be completely wrong, maybe there is still more to it.

Apple is busy suing people left right and centre (and being sued) and just don’t look like the good guys anymore. In fact they are starting to look less and less like the answer to that evil monster Microsoft(yeh right, I don’t and never did believe that for one minute) and more and more like the proprietary, monopolistic, egomaniacs that they have told us for years Microsoft are.

Now don’t get me wrong, Apple do make some good products. But let’s not kid ourselves, they are not the Golden Boys that they make themselves out to be and that’s what I find so annoying.

don’t believe the hype