I am a big fan of Visual Studio and have been using it for over 15 years now for all my development work. Plenty of people out there in the so called ‘hip’ development community poo poo Visual Studio…well anything from Microsoft to be honest…and to them I say this.


Ok enough of my sarcastic banter, let’s get back to the matter at hand shall we :)

So anyway, I am also a huge fan of the Publishing functionality now found in Visual Studio. It just seems to get better and better and I use it for all my projects be they on my server or in the Cloud.

Whilst I was optimising some image for a project I am working on I noticed some menu items I have never noticed before that are extremely handy for quick changes, edits and restoring of files:


The 3 items indicated above are available when selecting a single file. Any file.

The first item is pretty obvious, it will push the selected file to the server. So for quick edits, rather than publish the whole site I can just push the one file to the server. Now of course if I am publishing the whole site the Web Publishing service is intelligent enough to only publish the files that have changed anyway. However, pushing that individual file alone gives me more control and will be quicker as the project will not be recompiled, pushing up the DLL’s and transforming the config file.

The second item is very handy as I can do a quick compare of what is on the server against the changes I have made to a file. This is very handy for image changes as I get a visual comparison for quality checking before I publish.


The final option will pull the file from the server which is real handy if I want to rollback the changes or just restore the file from the server. Of I hear you say “but your solution is maintained under source control so you don’t need that do you?”Yes that’s true, but it’s still handy to have.

Keep up the excellent work Visual Studio team.