During a recent job interview I was required to do a technical test and it turned in to a bit of fun.

Essentially the requirement was to interact with a couple of weather services from ASP.NET WebApi and present them through either an ASP.NET MVC or AngularJS front end.

The first service http://www.webservicex.net which was SOAP based. I had forgotten how hideous working with SOAP was :)

The second service was http://api.openweathermap.org which was just a simple GET request returning json. Ahhh so much smoother.

I ended up wrapping the SOAP service as an ASP.NET WebApi REST service developed in Visual Studio 2015 and implementing the front end as an AngularJS SPA developed in Visual Studio Code. No need to wrap the 2nd service as this can be called directly from the AngularJS SPA.

To make it look a little prettier I used Angular Material

You can check out the live service here and below is how it looks.