As part of this weekend’s GeekFest I am watching some of the videos from Mix10 as well as completing some of my lessons from .school

First thing I want to cover is the Auto-correct feature in Windows Phone 7. This is something that annoys me immensely on my iPhone. It regularly tries to second guess me and changes words that I wanted to type for something that it thinks is correct. I have to go back to the word, with the fiddly little magnifier, move it to the end of the word and manually correct it. Let’s see how Windows Phone 7 approaches this scenario.


The video below is from Mix10 last week and the full video presentation can be found here It is the first video in the list ‘Changing our Game – an Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series’ presented by Joe Belfiore:

Widows Phone 7 Auto-correct

Multi-Tasking (it is a true multi-tasking OS!)

The next thing I want to cover quickly is the Multi-tasking of the Windows Phone 7 operating system. It is a true multi-tasking OS. Take a look at the video below demonstrating the Zune player and working with the phone whilst the music is playing.

Windows Phone 7 Multitasking


Currently copy-paste NOT being included in the first release doesn’t appear to be a myth. Personally I would rather Microsoft hold off launching the phone and include this in the first release. But, if they don’t include it in the first release it is certainly not going to be a deal-breaker for me and I believe a vast majority of those interested in Windows Phone 7. Hey let’s face it, the first release of the iPhone didn’t have it and it didn’t hurt them any.

But please Microsoft, do get this feature in the first release, if nothing else to stop the torrent of blog posts from the Apple Fan boys 😉

Zune Player + Marketplace

I really like the look of this and love that this has become part of Windows Phone 7. I have never owned a Zune (they aren’t available in Australia) but I have heard lots of good stuff about them. This feels like a far more immersive experience than using the iPhone which, without picking on it too much as it has served me well, it is feeling rather cramped and restrictive these days.

I like the visual feel of the Zune Player and the bio copy for artists that is also available. Take a look:

Windows Phone 7 Zune Player
Windows Phone 7 Marketplace ## Zune Desktop + Synch I cannot tell you how much of a breath of fresh air this is. I have been waiting for a good 2 years now to ditch iTunes and finally I can. The way the device synchs and being able to see what is on my device and delete content directly without having to do a synch like I do in iTunes is just a wonderful thing. And finally, I will be able to just drag music, videos, photos from my PC collection to the phone. Take a look:

Photos + Social Media

Microsoft have done a great job of integrating the Windows Phone 7 with social networking and Facebook is a great example as shown in this portion of the demo. Take a look:

Photos + Social Media
Ok that’s enough of my fluff piece for the day, it’s time to crack on with LINQ to Twitter and my Windows Phone 7 app. All being well that will be my post in the next day or so.