No way am I buying into that argument.

The timing could not be better; iPhone is getting boring, rumblings in the App Store Dev community are creating negative sentiment, Google and Apple are frosty, Nokia are suing Apple, Apple have virtually (almost literally) told Adobe (and Flash) to F@%k Off, all ties are being severed with previous WinMo versions, Windows 7 is a clear winner and if I read correctly Development for Windows Phone 7 will be based around Silverlight.

The time is oh so right!

Ok so I haven’t touched one yet but I have watched the Vids, read the articles, studied the screenshots and this is so far from the Apple iPhone that the 2 are unrecoginsable (so don’t let me hear that old ‘Microsoft don’t innovate’ argument Mac Fanboys, it grows tiresome)

If indeed the development tools are C# and Silverlight then the developer community for this will be massive and the possibilities endless.

The launch date is holiday season 2010 but that’s fine as it gives the developer community time to digest the SDK and get building.

Technology has moved on immensely since the first iPhone release and anyone that has taken a look at the HTC HD2 phone will realise that it trounces all over an iPhone…apart from the OS…and that is where Windows Phone 7 on the HTC HD2 would be simply awesome.

And finally, consumers love to consume. This is something completely new that people will want to have, all the mobile phone companies are backing it and the people will speak.

Take a look and judge for yourself.

Let’s revisit this post in 12 months when I am writing this post from my Windows Phone 7.