I find it astonishing that after all the hoopla surrounding Windows Phone 7 I am even writing this. I am Microsoft Developer, I love Windows 7, I love Visual Studio 2010, I love Azure, I love pretty much everything Microsoft. I used to work for the company and I have defended them I don’t know how many times to Apple Fanboys who just don’t get it.

They aren’t perfect I know that but show me a tech company that is. Certainly not Apple and certainly not Google. They all have their strengths but they are far from perfect.

I loved my time at Microsoft and the people I worked with there were great. Really nice people who loved there jobs and were nothing like the evil that Apple Fanboys have tried to tarnish them with for years.

Heck I even meet Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on several occasions at company meetings and these guys were the real deal. Passionate about what they did and inspiring.

But, let’s come to Windows Phone 7 and the Update Process. This is a major disappointment. If Microsoft cannot sort this mess out and reign in the carriers then as much as I love the platform I reckon when my contract runs out it will be lights out.

Here’s the thing, I love Windows Phone 7 OS.

But, I don’t want to hear about all the cool stuff that’s coming out sometime down the track and then when it does arrive find out that I will have to wait who knows how much longer to get that new functionality because the update process is a complete car crash and (in my case) Telstra is in the drivers seat, not Microsoft.

I just want it to work. When a new update is released by Microsoft I just want it to appear on my phone the moment they say it is released just like Apple do with the iPhone.

But it’s not, it’s an appalling painful process with the carriers and Microsoft all saying nothing or telling lies.

As I grovelled around the web this morning to find out how to get the Feb update (today is 24th March), via a hack, all of a sudden I had a flash back to searching around for ROMs for my old Samsung Blackjack WinMo phone. I don’t want that experience ever again. It sucked!

I switched to Windows Phone 7 because it is a great OS (though still lagging way behind) but also because we were assured by Microsoft that with Windows Phone 7 everything changes and the update process will be seamless and we will not be at the mercy of carriers.

Well that has just proven to be a complete load of crap and it has seriously broken the trust I was developing for the New Microsoft.

Who knows maybe the deal with Nokia will make the difference but that could be a year before we see the fruits of that investment.

I just don’t know what to think really. The frustration and disappointment that I and many others are feeling is both absurd and ridiculous. I mean it’s only a bloody phone, it isn’t life or death.

But that’s not the point, a promise was made and a promise has been broken.

I may just go back to an old nokia phone to be honest that makes phone calls and does little else. I spend most of my day at the computer anyway developing completely Microsoft based solutions and then the other time I have my trusty iPad.

Maybe the era of the smartphone is coming to an end anyway? I doubt it but I think it just became less relevant for at least myself today.