Living down under (that’s Australia if your not sure) we haven’t had the option of owning a Zune player down here. However, that is soon all to change with the release of Windows Phone 7.

Now I don’t know if it is because I have installed the WP7 development tools or if this is something Microsoft has started pushing out to Windows 7 users in anticipation of the release of WP7 but the Zune software appeared on my list of updates today.

I dove right in and installed the software and you know what? I love it! This is my new desktop media player.

So what does it look like for those that haven’t seen it? Well to start with, and this is after I let it scour my music collection, you are greeted with this screen


This is a nicely laid out screen sporting the same look and feel as that of WP7, it’s plain too see where WP7 gets its roots from. I like the pins section where I can add stuff I listen to a lot or just to remind me.

Clicking through to the Collection takes you to all your Music, Videos, Pictures and Podcasts with the available menus changing as you click on the media type. Again it is a nice clean, simple interface. Even with 1000’s of albums and 10,000s of songs the interface is responsive. Nice!


The Search facility is equally responsive and shows the results in a well laid out fashion as can be seen below. The search is also fast and has some nice smooth visualizations as the results are returned.


I am pretty fond of the now playing screen which has nice low lighting levels and will look great on the big screen telly as the jukebox on party nights.


And of course we have the mini-player view to round out the experience.


Ok, can I have my new Windows Phone 7 now please so I can starting synching my music and geek videos to watch on the bus.


P.S. Enough of the puff pieces soon, I have been mega busy at work and am preparing for a trip back to the states so I will have time to catch up on the more geeky stuff like; finishing off my WP7 application, LINQ Compiled Queries, SQL Server Geographic data types to name a few up coming posts.